About gallery

"D`Vasko Gallery" exposes diversity of the world of modern art of the West and East - it presents works of artists from Japan, France, China, Italy and Russia.

We offer our view of modern art considering skill and unique style of every author.  We appreciate  bright individuality of the artist, search of new forms and expressive means, as well as careful application of traditional techniques. At the same time we don’t seek either to shock the public or drop names.

Following these principles we gathered unique collection of paintings and sculptures uniting most interesting trends in modern art of different countries.



We open  up diversity of the modern world via masterpieces of the East and the West. 

We look for new names, new forms preserving respect to traditional world art.

We don’t seek to shock – we offer skill and authors’ view   for those who appreciate true art in modern art of different countries. 





These  include  multicolored  portraits of the French artist Françoise Nielly, – bright and passionate, –  executed in her own inimitable style; and  fascinating by their light and gentle  lines romantic  images at canvases of  Inna Tsukakhina; and amazingly lucid and tender works of the artist from Korea Kim Fung. As well as great many other pieces of painting, sculpture and graphic, immutably bringing joy by unsurpassed skill of authors.